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go check out the socks I finished yesterday. knit from one skein of fleece artist, but not very matchy.. most of the light colors at one end of the skein, most of the dark at the other.

those jojoland yarns (they do a worsted that's similar too) are nice for projects that use multiple balls in a single item, it's a nice effect. I did a branching out scarf from one ball that's fairly interesting.. but I wasn't very happy with it for socks, either.


yeah.. it was all one continuous strand, no knots or breaks, it just is the way it was dyed. I don't know if that's common with fleece artist or not. I have a few more skeins.. 4 more skeins! and it's delicious, I won't mind keeping it all in the family (or all on my feet :)) if they all wind up doing that.. but it'd be nice if this is unusual, because I am willing to share some of this yummy yarn with some of the people on my christmas list, provided it knits up into socks that look at least sorta the same. :)

Helen (of troy)

The joy of small dye lots and hand painting, is they are unique colors.

if you want machine dyed perfection, buy mass dyed and manufactured socks!

there is a special joy in almost pairs.
they are lovely. There is nothing wrong with the socks or the dye blends.

All that is needed is a openess to individual quirks.

even identical twins aren't perfectly identical.


I have to disagree with Helen. There's no excuse for the big degree of difference within the dye lot. Maybe it's a preference thing, but I certainly would think there WAS something wrong with the dye lots. Sorry for what happened, Bev. That would frustrate me too!!


Eek! Now I'm worried. I'm with you though - too much difference, even for hand dyed.



Oh, that's disappointing! My Jojoland Melody monkeys didn't come out with matching stripes, but the colors weren't different in the tone/brightness of them. That's definitely curious. Since you have the first one done, I guess I'd wait for the order to come in at the store and see if any of the new balls match the first sock, but I agree, that's frustrating. I love this yarn, too. I hope it's just a fluke and not something they hope we'll just accept.

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