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Looks like Tiger had a busy day, and then plotzed!

My Pacific shawl is in that same color of Malabrigo Sock. It's cool to see how different it looks when it's knit to its proper sock gauge, as opposed to on size 6 for a shawl.

Love the cupcakes!


Yes, Tiger LOVES tissue paper....he loves to jump on it and make it crinkle. After playing for awhile, he crashed!

It is strange how much lighter your shawl looks than my socks. That could be the difference in dye lots, but I imagine the loose gauge you used had an effect as well.

Oh...and when I post your interview, I'll fix the italics on the book - plus, I'll add a link to Amazon.

Thanks for the comment!


I have an unreasonable weakness for all things cupcake. The multi-color sprinkles just push it right over the top. They're adorable. I like the socks too, but then again I'm biased!


I started those socks during the month you were the featured designer in 2009! Gah...I hate it when I don't finish something for so long, but now that I have, I'm wearing them to death! I love the toe design and Malabrigo sock is so nice...

As for the cupcakes, I thought they were pretty cute, but the teachers at my school positively swooned over them! Totally cracked me up...especially since it took me two days to knit them.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Come back anytime.


P.S. Could you put in a good word with Knitty's random number generator? I really want to win your book! (great exposure, btw)

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