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Beautiful! I'm not sure the collar will stand up when you're wearing the sweater, so no one may ever see your uncrossed cable. If it does show, maybe a cute pin is in order!


Thanks for the comment! Unfortunately, it's a reversible cable so it'll be visible on both sides. Also, there is a buttonhole just a few rows below, so there's no chance of covering if with anything! Either I can make it appear as a cable with the cinching, or it just shows and I live with it! I'm fine either way....I've knit too much to rip out now because of one missed cable!

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Di Childs

Looks like your cats are as much in control of things as mine are. I have 16. As you can see, they even feature in my email address.
I just found your site today. Love your designs and have downloaded Thira.
Many Thanks

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